March 12, 2011, 11:24 pm
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My name is legion:  for we are many, said the possessed man from Gadara to Jesus in the first century AD as recorded in the gospel accounts of the Bible.  Many demons, one man.  He was resigned to them and to his split nature:  I am … we are, he confesses, a man divided against himself.

We are always suspicious of the truly creative among us.  We keep them on a short leash; patronize them for as long as we can get away with it; trot them out for the sake of appearance and public trust.  But really and effectively, we cast them out.  They are freaks, and that’s how freaks are treated.

The psychologist Csikszentmihalyi — quoted below — says that creative people are adaptable and complex, qualities that don’t seem extraordinary.  But, he also says they do special tricks.  They embody extreme contradictions, for instance.  They are able to combine things that most people can’t, like thinking and doing.  Most spectacularly – and curiously – a creative person is a multitude.  Legion.

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