poetry and laughter
April 1, 2014, 3:52 pm
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Don’t go inside because life, poetry and laughter are in the street. ‘Inside’ is programmed, institutional and professional life. Do go into the pub, the bar, the bistro; these are extensions of the street where beauty and poetry flourish:

One counsel: when you see an open door, newspaper, radio studio, cinema, bank, anything—don’t enter. By the time you’re thirty you’ll be nuts because you left your laugh at the door. That’s my experience. Poetry is in the street. It goes arm in arm with laughter. They take each other along for a drink, at the source, in the neighborhood bistros, where the laugh of the people is so flavorsome and the language that flows from their lips so beautiful.

Blaise Cendars, interviewed

from Spurious by Lars Iyer

managerialism and audit culture
February 19, 2013, 11:25 pm
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2012windrushHere is philosopher and professor Lars Iyer on what’s happening in the UK in education:  bad news, more or less:  high cost, market based, run by ‘the American MBA’ (who seems to have taken over the world), analytic, training has replaced learning.

From an interview with Lars Iyer:

How do you see the future of philosophy & academia? Is it as bleak as it seems to be in the book?

In the last couple of years, we have adopted the U.S. model of higher education in Britain, effectively privatising the university, and vastly increasing fees. Graduates will be burdened with huge debt, and people from poorer backgrounds have been discouraged from academic study. In Britain, there’s another twist, which Mark Fisher has called ‘market Stalinism’. Bureaucracy and managerialism are rife, and audit-culture has spread throughout the academy. Older models of teaching are being abandoned in favour of a kind of professional training. These are desperate times! End times!

From Lars Iyer’s blog Spurious