desire is a triangle
December 15, 2011, 6:43 am
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My desires are my own.  Not true apparently, but somehow we really don’t want to believe it despite the evidence.  A child suddenly pathologically desirous of a toy he had no interest in, the moment he sees his playmate pick it up.  That surge of desire now that she has been on her first date since breaking up with you.  The rival, the object and the ego converge from the vertices of a triangle to make desire.

There are two ideas here:  that it takes a village to desire and that we still need to believe that desire is our own discreet little activity.

“Our desires copy or mimic the desires of others.  Desire is triangular because the object of our desire—knowledge, mate, position—is made desirable by the desires of others which also converge toward it. Desire is not a straight line. It is a triangle. Its vertices are occupied respectively by the other, the object, the ego. That is what the later Dostoevsky has discovered. He has learnt also that the dissonance which results from the collision of this fact with our cherished illusion of an autonomous desire breeds conflict and mystification.”

Paul Dumouchel