freedom: deep participation with others

I wonder what is the ratio – in the world of politics and culture etc – of diagnosis to prescription. I would guess it is heavily weighted toward diagnosis: everyone and his dog is talking and writing about how bad everything is and I’m not convinced there are as many who are coming up with viable solutions.  One exception to this rule could be our self help culture of talk shows and books but they’re more about personal fulfillment than geo politics.

We’re in a post solution world, so that doesn’t help.  Statesmanship is all but extinct; we’re a country of editors and responders.  Stick your neck out and risk losing it along with your head.

Here is an unusually prescriptive set of ideas taken from an essay by Jeremy Rifkin who writes on empathy among other things.  In it he describes two worlds, the first called the old geopolitics and the second the new biosphere science.   Continue reading