utterly crushed
June 15, 2011, 2:30 pm
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There is a difference between literature and pulp we are told, and it seems one strong argument for difference forms around the issue of didacticism.  If it preaches at you, it’s a tract or a manifesto and can’t be literature.  Pamphleteers, campaign managers and copy writers have petty politics and bottom lines in mind and dispatch their missives motivated by short term influence.  It’s a base activity:  move money now, gain power, broaden influence, create loyalty.

Literature on the other hand, classically speaking, has loftier aspirations and doesn’t stoop to moralizing or preaching or influencing.  So, in strict structural terms, literature may show us the human spirit and condition and we are frozen in apprehension at our comic and ultimately mortal place in the world.

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