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April 8, 2011, 12:33 am
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David Brooks describes two worlds in his article about life fulfillment called the Social Animal.  One is an empty yet realized life, and the other full and usually elusive.

The empty life is founded on advice and coaching and what society says a good life should be.  Needless to say this world of stern advice and empty results is staggeringly ironic.  Base your life on career skills, get degreed at the right school, concentrate on the minutiae of technique and performance, leverage intelligence, and you will succeed says society.

But you won’t find achievement or fulfillment, says Brooks.  None of the advisors and coaches nor social maxims are there when you need answers to life’s most important questions:  love, friendship, loyalty, belief, disavowal.  For these intimate and essential decisions you’re on your own.

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