more power to the aristocracy!
January 31, 2010, 6:54 pm
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All your money is taken from you by bankers.  Your government proposes getting it back.  Do you a. go after the bankers, b. go after the government or c. watch television.  Answer:  this is a trick question.  Both answer b and answer c are correct if you are an American.

In the quotation following author Thomas Frank gives an indelible image:  the French Revolution in reverse.  Where they storm Belleville;  guillotine common laborers;  where the King and Queen don’t have to escape the city but continue to steal, in broad daylight, the livelihoods of their subjects.  We are angry sheep.

Thomas Frank says that whatever disadvantaged Americans think they are voting for, they get something quite different:

“You vote to strike a blow against elitism and you receive a social order in which wealth is more concentrated than ever before in our life times, workers have been stripped of power, and CEOs are rewarded in a manner that is beyond imagining.

“It’s like a French Revolution in reverse in which the workers come pouring down the street screaming more power to the aristocracy.”

As Mr Frank sees it, authenticity has replaced economics as the driving force of modern politics.

Why do people often vote against their own interests?,