What other goals, principles satisfactions?
October 21, 2016, 4:42 pm
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Modern people are commodities; disconnected from self, others and nature; their virtual only focus is exchange of personhood with other persons on the market. Life is subsumed in these market processes: packaging and moving personhood as a product, negotiating exchanges and consuming.

What of life, real life? What other goals, principles satisfactions?

Modern man has transformed himself into a commodity; he experiences his life energy as an investment with which he should make the highest profit, considering his position and the situation on the personality market. He is alienated from himself, from his fellow men and from nature. His main aim is profitable exchange of his skills, knowledge, and of himself, his “personality package” with others who are equally intent on a fair and profitable exchange. Life has no goal except the one to move, no principle except the one of fair exchange, no satisfaction except the one to consume.

Erich Fromm

a loving and interesting life
October 18, 2011, 6:23 pm
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The philosopher Erich Fromm postulated EIGHT basic needs listed below.  In his view, there is a strong sense that you must know yourself, and that from this knowledge base there must be a fruitful outlet for work in – and engagement with – the world.

Beyond the self which comprise two or three of the eight needs, all of the others have to do with relationships: to the world, and to other people, mainly.  To editorialize:  the individual is there and important to Fromm – know yourself! – but fulfillment comes from outside ourselves.

Here is the list:

Relatedness Relationships with others, care, respect, knowledge.

Transcendence Creativity, developing a loving and interesting life. Continue reading

January 14, 2011, 6:58 pm
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This excerpt by Erich Fromm describes necrophilia in terms of sadism, control, work and technology.  Necrophilia is literally love of death, which on its face sounds absurd, until we realize, with a closer look, that it’s actually a description of our lives.

In an advanced stage capitalist society like this one Fromm’s observations about money and ownership resonate.  Ideological intractable views about ownership show an unwillingness to define our relationships in human, living terms.  Are they necrophilic?

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