Following is a summary index of topics written about in coromandal:

  • 3-26-2011 — [the discovery of infinite space]
  • 3-24-2011 – [golden mean]
  • 3-16-2011 – [the guests departed]
  • 3-14-2011 – Faith today is based on belief which separates us from God; in contrast, the dancing ritual religions in history are based on intimate relations with the deity [madness and glory]
  • 3-12-2011 – Creative people are indwelt by a multitude – of contradictions, muses, impulses [legion]
  • 3-1-2011 – Agnotology – ignorance is often deliberate and made and used politically to control [agnotology]
  • 3-1-2011 – The poor destroy themselves.  This is related to Ballard’s idea that people who live in crap environments will – seemingly illogically – work to destroy their environments even further [17 proofs]
  • 2-28-2011 – Moral clarity is attractive to the poor [seeing the other side]
  • 2-18-2011 – Dinner niceties hide underlying social violence [lurking animus]
  • 2-14-2011 – Intelligence tests don’t measure the necessary complexity and doubt required to really learn [hemming and hawing]
  • 2-10-2011 -Will pain or pleasure control us? [huxley v orwell]
  • 2-10-2011 -Autonomy, mastery and purpose are the essential ingredients for usefulness and happiness at work; and not the incentive based structure on which our work management practices are built [carrots and sticks]
  • 2-7-2011 -Secular rational v self expression v survival v traditional values from the World Values Survey.  America veers away from the secular rational western world into traditionalism [strange place]
  • 2-6-2011 -Anthropologist v economist – commerce is for establishing social ties and trust, ideas which are often left out of much economic policy debate [yams and pigs]
  • 2-1-2011 -Challenge the tendency to become ideologues – to have relationships with ideas not slaves of them.  These ideas are of course – individualism, happiness, freedom, liberty etc [how can we make it easier to ask is it right?]
  • 1-24-2011 -The humanizing effect of the arts [rush to the bottom]
  • 1-24-2011 -Knowledge is derived through love (of study) not – as the Sophists insisted – through ownership [love not possession]
  • 1-21-2011 -Primitivism is rampant; the idea of a society is a blank as we spiral further out into the landscape; the acceptable unit for life is atomizing – the individual or maybe the nuclear family [a more passionate world]
  • 1-18-2011 -Anti intellectualism in America – a view from the UK, George Monbiot [the degradation of intelligence]
  • 1-14-2011 -Erich Fromm on necrophilia: any belief that reduces people to a sub human level – including corporate automaton, all things approached mechanically, love of possession and control = love of death = necrophilia [necrophilia]
  • 1-11-2011 -Hannah Arendt on the corporation and war: the methods of the corporation are the same as the methods of war [staring blankly]
  • 1-9-2011 -Tone it down v acting: when Giffords was shot, the press said tone it down; this marks an aversion to change and a perpetuation of denial [killing politicians]
  • 12-18-2008 – The Medievals – who were religious – believed otium, leisure with dignity, was more desirable than negotium, business practice, because it showed reliance on the divinity.  Religious fundamentalism today believes the exact opposite.  [just-do-it junkie]

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