a broad path with many forks
May 26, 2012, 12:06 pm
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You might be insane if you lack self awareness and can’t manage your feelings and are an emotional train wreck.  Or you could be too, if you are the opposite:  controlled and isolated and repressed.

Apparently there aren’t many or any proper definitions of sanity out there, in the world, readily available, useful now.  But Philippa Perry’s new book ‘How to Stay Sane,’ from The School of Life provides a good description.  She urges to get out of the two extreme camps of emotionalism and isolation and into a saner middle ground of self awareness and connection.

Here is a description from a book review at School of Life:

Sanity is to be found in the middle ground between two extremes, she says. At one end there’s what she calls ‘chaos’, which is being so at one with one’s feelings and emotions there is no self-awareness.  These people stagger through life lurching from catastrophe to catastrophe like off-the-rail trains. They lack the necessary filters and self-awareness to self-soothe, and manage their feelings in healthy ways.

At the other pole is a kind of rigidity where a person’s feelings are boxed up and buried, inhibiting their chances of personal growth or change. The depressed, isolated and reclusive would fall into this category. Between these two poles is where sanity lies, ‘a broad path, with many forks and diversions, and no single ‘right’ way.’

David Waters reviews How To Stay Sane by Philippa Perry

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