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July 26, 2011, 6:17 pm
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In America employers are not required to give their employees paid days off which is a minor scandal when you consider that Greece, Italy and Spain have 20 or more paid vacation days.  Well those economies are nearly defaulting, you may feel inclined to argue.  Except that Europe’s economic powerhouse economies also get much more paid vacation:  France gets 30, Germany 24 and the UK 20.  Where’s the line to trade in passports?

Following are a few more scandalous details from the chart:

  • 86% of executives say their company expects more time from their employees.
  • 59% of employees say more time is demanded of them.
  • one in three employees report feeling chronically overworked.
  • 33% worked more than 44 hours per week in 2009.
  • 36% of employees don’t plan to use their full vacation days.
  • 37% take less than a 7 day vacation, when they do take time off.

The Overworked American, Good

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‘Minor scandal’? In the UK we think it’s unbelievable that you guys get so few holidays and don’t understand how you have time to do anything outside work if you have a couple of weeks for a proper vacation but none of the random days we take to do other things like have a weekend away or go to a wedding or pursue hobbies.

I read this article yesterday and thought it was really interesting. Wondering if we need a properly break from work because we don’t like our jobs much, and if we are folloiwng our ‘purpose’ we wouldn’t want a proper break and wouldn’t be able to help ourselves working at least a little on holiday?


Comment by annie

You’re right, a major scandal. Might be time to immigrate.

Interesting article. I can understand the need for a blended holiday and the fear of cold turkey. It must vary a lot by person – I like leaving the computer at home. Coincidentally, I’m going for a week at the lake (near Ottawa) next week! I’ll be swimming with the great northern pike!

Comment by Peter Rudd

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