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March 23, 2010, 10:49 pm
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Newsmap USA and newsmap France from today.  One is mixed with very little overemphasis; the other heavily weighted to top stories.

Bill Moyers asked his guest this week, why all the anger in the American scene?  And his guest said, because of the American inability to hold a thought:  our memories are shot, we have nothing real to draw on, we merely look for the next thing, and the next.  The other way would be to develop a causal sense that an action makes a reaction and has meaning and consequences.  How would this make us less violent?  We would develop characters that don’t merely react, but that draw on reason and knowledge to make decisions about how to act.

American news is top story heavy, whereas French news is even.  It suggests they have a culture that is less scandal and reaction based, more measured, sane, perhaps even a bit boring.  The big story in American news makes money, gives a thrill, but on the down side, makes us junkies for new and big and scandalous.


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