better than my own kind
May 28, 2009, 12:55 am
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Animals, even wild ones, provide for children who have suffered human treachery.  Our own kind and all associated trappings or values,  or what have you – comfort, family, home, love – haven’t helped these children who escape it all, or are thrown out, to live alone or with beasts.   Some, as here, prefer it to home; the mutual interest worked out, the simplicity, the peace. 

“In all my travels, the only time I ever slept deeply was when I was with wolves… The days with my wolf family multiplied. I have no idea how many months I spent with them but I wanted it to last forever – it was far better than returning to the world of my own kind. Today, though most memories of my long journey are etched in tones of grey, the time spent with the wolves… is drenched in colour. Those were the most beautiful days I had ever experienced.”

Quote from Misha Defonseca, a Jewish orphan who, from the ages of seven to 11, wandered through occupied Europe in World War II, living on wild berries, raw meat and food stolen from farmhouses, and occasionally teaming up with wolves.

-Feral Children by jfrater on


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