mappa mundi
April 7, 2009, 3:10 pm
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mappa mundi9.2outlines

I find the description of this project by artist Lize Mogel much more compelling than the map, or at least what she has determined important to map.  According to her description, maps could be more real than they are, hyperreal, by layering on new dimensions.  So it’s no longer just some deterministic, positivistic, rational laying down of lines and coloring in those lines and raising and lowering to surveyed altitudes and counting actual people.  That’s the start of a much richer matrix which will include the indeterminate.  Mogel calls them associative geographies.

From the website –


Mappa Mundi is an ongoing project that explores two kinds of popular representations of the World—the iconic world map and the international spectacle of World’s Fairs. As technology and commerce blur more and more geographic boundaries, the ubiquitous world map becomes inadequate to describe the intricacies of globalization. Mappa Mundi is an attempt to remake the world map, relying on associative geographies rather than physical ones.

These experiments within the confines of the specific form of the world map reconfigure it to create new geographies which represent contemporary global situations. Familiar borders are denied, and new connections between places are brought to the surface. These map mash-up are more conducive to narratives of globalization, but more difficult, disorienting.

mappa mundi refers to medieval world maps that sometimes conflated real and imaginary geography, made at a time when the complete picture of the physical world was still being formed.

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